General Liability, Tort & Casualty Defense

Franklin & Prokopik is skilled in defending clients in civil proceedings and criminal prosecutions to help them avoid criminal or civil liability.


  • Commercial litigation
  • General tort defense — premises liability, directors’ and officers’ liability
  • Motor tort
  • Freight and cargo claims
  • Premises liability
  • Product liability defense

Firm Qualifications

Franklin & Prokopik represents clients in various types of civil litigation matters. Our practice includes all levels of the state and federal civil court systems in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, District of Columbia, and West Virginia. Our appellate practice includes each level of state appellate review, United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth, Eleventh and District of Columbia Circuits and the United States Supreme Court. The firm is vastly experienced in handling the defense of civil lawsuits, including commercial disputes, motor torts, freight and cargo claims, premises liability (representing restaurants, bar owners, grocery stores, and other establishments) and products liability (including lead paint, food contamination, automobiles, glassware, and lighting equipment).

Additional Resources

We recognize that tort laws vary greatly from state to state, and we understand that many risk and claims professionals must deal with multiple jurisdictions. To help our clients navigate these complexities, Franklin and Prokopik has created the following tools:

  • “Tort Profile” is a “user friendly” summary of the tort law for each jurisdiction (MD, VA, DC, DE, WV)
  • “Tort Profile Easy Reference” provides key aspects of the jurisdiction’s tort law and a map of the jurisdiction reflecting how relatively “plaintiff friendly” jurisdictions in each county are likely to be.

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