Workers’ Compensation & Employers’ Liability

Workers' compensation is a form of insurance that provides wages and medical support to employees injured on the job in exchange for that employee’s relinquishment of his or her right to sue the employer for tort negligence. Employers' liability refers to employers being held liable for accidents that occur on the job or arise as a result of the employment.


  • Defense and litigation of claims
    • Delaware, DC, Maryland and Virginia
  • Longshore cases in the Federal system
  • Development of light duty programs
  • Compliance with federal employment laws

Firm Qualifications

Franklin & Prokopik’s workers’ compensation practice group is a leader in the effective defense and litigation of claims. We believe in a multi-faceted approach which utilizes the employer, insurer, and adjuster to ensure a positive outcome. Our practice group regularly works with self-insureds, high-retention employers, as well as first-dollar insurers and we, understand the importance of communication to provide cost-effective services. Our staffed satellite offices allow us to serve our clients efficiently and without unnecessary litigation expenses.

Outside the courtroom, our attorneys assist employers by developing light-duty programs to return claimants to work and we coordinate with our labor and employment group to ensure compliance with federal employment laws.

Group Self-insurers include:

  • Maryland Association of Board of Education Workers’ Compensation Group Self-Insurance Fund
  • The Maryland Association of Community Association Self-Insurance Group
  • Maryland Association of Resources for Families and Youth/the Community Behavioral Health Association Self-Insurance Group

The firm also works with third-party administrators, including:

  • Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc.
  • Sedgwick Claim Management Services
  • Love, Barnes & McKew
  • PMA Group Claims Services
  • Cottingham & Butler Claims Services

Additional Resources

Franklin & Prokopik regularly provides speakers for both local and national programs in addition to hosting several annual seminars.

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