General Counsel Program

This program is ideal for small to mid-sized businesses that have a need for legal counsel for certain challenges, but do not have the need or budget to justify the significant cost of hiring an “in-house” General Counsel.


  • Labor & Employment
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • General Liability
  • Corporate Structure
  • Business Transactions
  • General Contracts
  • Regulatory Compliance

Firm Qualifications

By selecting one of our attorneys as your General Counsel, you will have your own counsel “on call,” without any obligation or commitment of resources. Your General Counsel will work closely with you to gain a clear understanding of your company’s focus, structure, corporate objectives, and management philosophy, so that our services can be tailored to fit your particular needs and preferences. Moreover, your General Counsel will be supported by all of the other attorneys and practice groups at Franklin & Prokopik, effectively providing your company with an entire legal department. By proceeding in this fashion, you will have customized, full legal capability available when you need it, but will incur no costs when you don’t.