Tamara Goorevitz to Speak On Implications of Liability Claims Amid the COVID Pandemic

F&P principal Tamara Goorevitz is speaking in a two-part webinar series titled “COVID King: Investigating and Defending the Liability Mayhem and Madness” hosted by USLAW on June 9 at 3:0o pm.

As business and government navigate the complex issues regarding re-opening businesses, insurance, and risk management specialists will inevitably face COVID-19 related liability claims and must lay the groundwork on how to investigate and defend these claims. This webinar will also address how the CDC and Executive Orders will impact these extraordinary challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The series will explore the following topics: what are potential liability claims, how do Executive Orders and CDC guidelines affect potential liability, what causation issues may arise, and what to expect regarding experts. Michael Kunsch of Sweeney & Sheehan, P.C., will be co-facilitate with Tamara.

To find out more about this session or to register for Part 2 (June 9 at 3 p.m. ET), click bordering the link REGISTER.

Visit USLAW’s website at https://web.uslaw.org to find out more about USLAW.


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