Supreme Court of Maryland Denies Further Appeals in Warehouse Shooting Case

In Winter 2023, firm principals Ralph Arnsdorf and Heather Rice obtained a favorable ruling from Maryland’s Appellate Court in a case resulting from a mass shooting that occurred at a warehouse in Aberdeen, Maryland. Maryland’s Appellate Court found no liability for the employer (a temp agency) or the landowner when an employee shot and killed several people at the workplace and then turned the gun on herself. The court found that the shooting was unforeseeable, and neither the employer nor the landowner could have avoided the danger the employee posed to the workplace. To read the entire article, click here.

On June 20, 2023, the Supreme Court of Maryland denied the plaintiffs’ Petition for Grant of Cert to have the appeal heard in the highest appellate Court in Maryland and will not hear any further appeals regarding this case. The judgment obtained by Ralph and Heather for their client will stand. To read the order, click here.

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