F&P Spotlight on Principal Bert Randall

What’s your favorite thing about working with your clients?
As corny as it sounds, my clients themselves.  A long time ago I sat through a boring legal consultant speech, and the one salient point he raised was when he asked us to break down our clients into three groups:  1. clients that we love working with; 2. clients that we don’t mind working with; and, 3. clients that we don’t like working with.  He said to stop working with those in the third category and focus on those in the first category, because as he said it “if you don’t like people you’re working for, you’re not giving them proper service.”  He was absolutely right, and ever since, I’ve done my best to work with people that I really enjoy.  It makes every day far more rewarding and fun.  If you can’t laugh a little at work, you should pick another career.  Fortunately, I’m not going anywhere anytime soon!

What’s your proudest accomplishment?
Being awarded Soldier-of-the-Year and NCO-of-the-Year awards in consecutive years.  While serving in the Army Reserves and Army National Guard only taught me enough to appreciate those in the military that have done far more than I did, it taught me a lot about myself and that you really haven’t had a bad day until you go into a tear gas chamber.  It also taught me that wonder bread and sugar packets make a good dessert when you’re starving in basic training and infantry school.

Do you have any bizarre talents?
I’ve chased down and caught two opossums by hand – it’s one of my longest-standing Randall-family records.

Do you have any favorite travel destinations? 
Yes, currently it is a tie between my bedroom and my kitchen.  I might get adventurous this weekend and check out my basement.


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