F&P Spotlight on Paralegal Christine Mueller

What is your practice area and how did you choose it?
I am a litigation paralegal in insurance defense concentrating mostly on Commercial Transportation or premise liability cases.

What’s your favorite thing about working with your clients?
I like that I have established a trusting relationship with our clients. If at any time the attorney is unavailable, our clients will contact me to discuss a case or relay information. It shows how important my job as a paralegal truly is.

What is your favorite aspect of working at F&P?
Overall, I love the people I work with. Our liability team works extremely well together and are always more than willing to help each other out.

Favorite Restaurant:
Chiapparelli’s  — I could eat their salad for days

Favorite Show:
Friends (all time): This Is Us (Current)

Favorite Event in Baltimore: 
Generally, I love live music. Baltimore has such a huge local music scene.  But if I had to pick just one particular event, it would be opening day for baseball. I love how alive our city becomes.

What’s your proudest accomplishment?
Honestly, I believe the fact that I have been at the same job now for almost 16 years is a huge accomplishment. In our current times, not a lot of people can say that. Most people do not stay in one position for very long. I have established a good relationship with our clients and they know I am someone they can rely on.

Tell us something about you that few of your colleagues and clients would know.
This is more of a fun fact but I traveled a lot growing up and was able to go hang gliding off a cliff in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil when I was in High school

What do you like to do outside the office?
When I am not working I like to spend time with friends and family especially my 8-year-old twins, run a girl scout troop, see live music shows and go to baseball/football games.

Have you read any good books or seen any good movies this year that you would recommend?
The Way Back; Queen’s Gambit (mini-series)

What is your favorite food?
Mexican is my absolute favorite but Italian and India aren’t too far behind

What is your all-time favorite city or town and why?
I don’t have a favorite but I have the best memories in Las Vegas and New York City. I was able to celebrate my 21st birthday in Las Vegas with family and friends. I’ve been so many times and even witnessed my best friends get married there on more than one occasion. I love the atmosphere of NYC and the hustle and bustle and that there is always something to do.

What was the best news you ever received?
When I found out I was having twins. There is nothing like it.

What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?
Anyone that knows me knows I don’t eat weird hahaha I barely eat normally

If you could have lunch with anyone in the world who would it be?
Drew Barrymore has been my all-time favorite person since I was a teenager.  I would love to have lunch with her.

Do you have any bizarre talents?
Not that I can think of


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