F&P Secures a National Ranking for Law360’s 2021 Glass Ceiling Report

F&P continues to shatter the glass ceiling by securing a national ranking for Law360’s annual report. The firm ranked 16th for firms with 100 or fewer attorneys; 44% of our associates are female, 36.4% are equity partners, and 61.5% are non-equity partners. The methodology behind this year’s rankings (a redesign of the Glass Ceiling Report) shows how the percentage of women across the three attorney levels compares with the field of new hires. This redesign was due in part to the effect that the pandemic had on female attorneys.

In 2020, 54% of students enrolled in law school were female and outnumbered men for the fifth year. Despite this trend, a relatively small number of female attorneys will achieve equity partner or acquire a seat on the executive committee, and the struggle remains for female representation. F&P strives to maintain a focus on hiring a diverse workforce and appreciates Law360 for recognizing the firms making efforts to close the gender gap.

Links to the complete articles can be found below (Law360 subscription required.)



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