F&P Assists with Workers’ Compensation Garnishment Legislation

F&P Principals John Handscomb and Bert Randall played integral roles in the development and passage of Maryland Senate Bill 71 and House Bill 800, sponsored by Senator Benjamin Brooks and Delegate Scott Phillips, respectively, regarding garnishment of child support arrearages in workers’ compensation cases.  Given statutory ambiguity, there has been a longstanding debate regarding the proper amount that should be withheld from indemnity payments for workers’ compensation claimants that owe child support.  These bills, signed into law by Governor Wes Moore on May 3, 2023, will go into effect on October 1, 2023, and will resolve this issue once and for all by permitting withholding amounts of up to 25% of the indemnity benefits due.  Major thanks go to Kimberly Shiloh, Chief of Staff for Senator Brooks, who was instrumental in having these bills introduced and passing unanimously in both chambers.


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