4/8/2015: F&P Attorneys Highlighted in USLAW Magazine Spring 2015 Article

F&P’s President Bert Randall and Principal Tamara Goorevitz were highlighted in “5 Minutes with Linda G. Thoede of iHeartMedia, Inc.” from this Spring’s USLAW Magazine.  Linda, senior corporate counsel-litigation for iHeartMedia, Inc., recently sat down with USLAW to talk about working with USLAW NETWORK attorneys and the importance of “relationship, responsiveness, and reputation.”

Bert Randall was Linda’s first introduction to USLAW NETWORK.  As a result of an extremely positive experience working with Randall, Linda ended up hiring his colleague, Tamara Goorevitz, when she had a case in DC (Goorevitz is licensed in Washington D.C.).  This is a prime example of how invaluable relationship building is when it comes to having confidence in recommendation requests.  For more information, read the full article below, taken from page 36 of USLAW Magazine.

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