“Best Lawyers” Announces 2022 Honorees

“Best Lawyers” recently announced the designees for “Best Lawyers” and “Ones to Watch” for 2022. These selections are determined entirely by peer review and assessed by colleagues in the same geographical and legal practice areas. Criteria include legal expertise, ethics, and professionalism and are awarded to attorneys who have been in practice for more than ten years. “Ones to Watch” are selected by the same methodology and are given to attorneys who are still early in their careers and have been practicing for less than ten years.

Honorees for 2022 include:

“Best Lawyers”

Ralph Arnsdorf
Tamara Goorevitz (new for 2022)
Bert Randall
Lynn Fitzpatrick

“Ones to Watch”

John Archibald (new for 2022)
Michael Bennett (new for 2022)
James Hetzel
Heather Rice (new for 2022)
Bryce Ziskind
Elena Patarinski

To learn more about “Best Lawyers,” visit www.bestlawyers.com.


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