The District of Columbia Court of Appeals Affirmed Summary Judgment In Harris Teeter Slip and Fall Case

A three-judge panel of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals affirmed the Superior Court of the District of Columbia’s grant of summary judgment to Harris Teeter. Harris Teeter was sued by a customer who allegedly slipped on a liquid substance on the floor near a produce bin. The customer contended that there was seepage on the floor from overripe vegetables, but this was mere conjecture. The customer admittedly did not know what the alleged substance was, when it came to be on the floor, or how it came to be on the floor. After the discovery, Harris Teeter moved for summary judgment because the customer had not adduced any evidence that Harris Teeter had actual or constructive notice of any alleged substance. The Superior Court granted the motion and entered judgment in favor of Harris Teeter because there was no evidence that Harris Teeter caused the alleged substance to be on the floor, nor was there any evidence that Harris Teeter knew or should have known that an alleged substance was on the floor. The customer appealed the grant of summary judgment. The Court of Appeals agreed with the Superior Court’s analysis and affirmed the grant of summary judgment.  Ellen R. Stewart represented Harris Teeter throughout the proceedings. The case is Patricia Sneed v. Harris Teeter, LLC, 21-CV-397 (decided August 2, 2022, Per Curiam, unpublished).

Written by counsel Ellen R.Stewart.

F&P Attorneys Obtain Summary Judgment in Fatal Crash

We are pleased to announce another victory for the clients of Franklin & Prokopik, P.C. in the United States Courts. Joshua T. Carback and Andrew T. Stephenson obtained full summary judgment from the United States District Court for the District of Maryland in favor of a tractor-trailer driver involved in a fatal crash. The claims of the estate of the adverse driver/decedent included wrongful death, survivorship, and negligence. The court found the adverse driver/decedent contributorily negligent and therefore dismissed the case.

Written by associate Joshua T. Carback©.

F&P Ranks #13 on Law360’s 2022 Glass Ceiling Report

Franklin & Prokopik continues to make significant strides in gender equality, securing a national ranking on Law360’s annual “Glass Ceiling Report”.  The firm ranked 13th (a jump from 16th last year) for firms employing 100 or fewer attorneys.  This was in part due to our female representation highly exceeding the national average at both the equity and non-equity partner levels. In the equity partner category, F&P sits at 38.5%, and at 77.8% for non-equity partners, compared to less than a quarter of equity partners and 27% of non-equity partners at comparable firms nationwide. In addition, 22% of all the firm’s attorneys are female associates.

The methodology behind this year’s rankings (a redesign of the Glass Ceiling Report) shows how the percentage of women across the three attorney levels compares with the field of new hires. Law360 revised its methodology in response to the pandemic’s effect on female attorneys.  Women now comprise more than half of enrolled law school students. Despite this, female attorneys are still not achieving equity partner status or sitting on executive committees.

F&P strives to focus on hiring and promoting a diverse workforce and appreciates Law360 for recognizing the firm’s efforts to close the gender gap.

Please note, the data collected by Law360 was as of December 31, 2021.  F&P had multiple female promotions that went into effect on January 1, 2022, which will be reflected in next year’s report.   

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