5/30/2018: Franklin & Prokopik Ranked No. 7 on Law 360’s “Best Law Firms for Female Attorneys” List

Gender equality is a core value at Franklin & Prokopik (F&P) and the firm believes in hiring and promoting a diverse workforce.  F&P is being recognized nationally for these efforts and was ranked seventh on Law360’s Best Law Firms for Female Attorneys list in the category of firms with 20-149 lawyers.  F&P was the only Baltimore based firm to make the top 25 in that segment.  The rankings are based on surveys that measured factors such as percentage of females overall, percentage of female nonpartners, percentage of female partners, and percentage of female equity partners as of December 31, 2017.

The results from the Best Law Firms for Female Attorneys survey along with Law360’s annual Glass Ceiling Report clearly demonstrate that gender inequality continues to be a problem in the legal industry and one that is making very slow progress.  These studies found that females represent only 35% of all attorneys and 22% of partners – numbers that have stayed virtually stagnant over recent years.  F&P’s 50% female partnership rate more than doubles the national average and is at the “Ceiling Smashers” level based on having 36% female equity partners.

Fraklin & Prokopik is proud to be recognized as a firm with strong female representation and applauds the other firms that are contributing to lowering the industry’s gender gap.

The full articles can be found on Law360’s website:


5/22/2018: Jury Returns Favorable Defense Verdict at Recent F&P Trial

After a six day trial and ten hour jury deliberation, F&P attorneys Imoh Akpan and Renee Bowen helped secure a  defense verdict  in last month’s trial in the case of  Gardner v. Demby.  The case was a complex motor accident  and was tried  before  U.S. District Court, Judge Catherine C. Blake.

The facts of the accident are as follows: on a clear afternoon in April of 2013, 82 year old plaintiff Robert John Glad was driving his vehicle on Route 301 in Maryland.  Plaintiff John Borycens, a male in his 60s, was a passenger.  At the same time, a dump truck, operated by defendant Markeith Doron Demby and owned by Thomas H. Pauls, LLC, was driving in the same direction.  Glad alleged that Demby failed to maintain his lane of travel and struck his vehicle, which was traveling at highway speed of 62 mph. Demby contended that he attempted to make “J” turn in a designed turn around, when plaintiff’s vehicle struck his and that Glad had fallen asleep at the wheel.

Plaintiff Glad was airlifted to a local trauma center for treatment of a fractured hip, neck and back injuries, and traumatic brain injury. Both Plaintiff Borycens and Defendant Demby suffered neck and back injuries.  Glad died of unrelated causes prior to trial.  There was no dispute over injuries suffered by the parties to this accident; the matter went to the jury on the issue of liability and extent of damages.

Plaintiffs filed suit against Demby for failure to maintain his lane of travel, failure to keep a proper lookout, failure to control his vehicle, and failure to avoid this accident. Plaintiffs named owners of the company, Thomas H. Pauls, Julia Pauls, Vernetta E. Sherman, Joan L. Wilmer and Joan Pauls Wilmer.  Plaintiff Borycens settled his claims against defendants for $50,000 prior to trial, and the case proceeded against Demby, Sherman and Thomas H. Pauls, LLC.  The other defendants were dismissed.

Defendants denied Demby was negligent contending that Glad fell asleep at the wheel and drove into his truck, which was attempting a legal “J” turn in a designated turn around. Demby counterclaimed for injuries he sustained in the accident.

Again, after nearly two days of deliberations the jury returned a defense verdict for Demby, Sherman and Thomas H. Pauls, LLC, on the plaintiff’s negligence claim. The jury also returned a defense verdict for Glad on Demby’s counterclaim for damages. No damages were awarded to either party.

5/17/2018: Helen Neighbors Shares Ethical Issues Insights at VADA’s Spring Sections Seminar

Helen Neighbors, a principal that resides in Franklin & Prokopik’s Herndon, Va. office, spoke at the Virginia Association of Defense Attorney’s (VADA) 2018 Spring Sections Seminar last Thursday, May 10.   The two-day meeting took place at the Boar’s Head Inn in Charlottesville and provided a unique opportunity for continuing education and networking.  Helen spoke on the Professional Liability panel regarding the topic of “Ethical Issues Across the States” and she is also the chair of VADA’s Professional Liability litigation section.

VADA is a networking organization that provides valuable educational opportunities and information sharing for Virginia attorneys. It promotes fairness and integrity in civil justice. For more information, visit their website at http://www.vada.org/.