5/30/2018: Franklin & Prokopik Ranked No. 7 on Law 360’s “Best Law Firms for Female Attorneys” List

Gender equality is a core value at Franklin & Prokopik (F&P) and the firm believes in hiring and promoting a diverse workforce.  F&P is being recognized nationally for these efforts and was ranked seventh on Law360’s Best Law Firms for Female Attorneys list in the category of firms with 20-149 lawyers.  F&P was the only Baltimore based firm to make the top 25 in that segment.  The rankings are based on surveys that measured factors such as percentage of females overall, percentage of female nonpartners, percentage of female partners, and percentage of female equity partners as of December 31, 2017.

The results from the Best Law Firms for Female Attorneys survey along with Law360’s annual Glass Ceiling Report clearly demonstrate that gender inequality continues to be a problem in the legal industry and one that is making very slow progress.  These studies found that females represent only 35% of all attorneys and 22% of partners – numbers that have stayed virtually stagnant over recent years.  F&P’s 50% female partnership rate more than doubles the national average and is at the “Ceiling Smashers” level based on having 36% female equity partners.

Fraklin & Prokopik is proud to be recognized as a firm with strong female representation and applauds the other firms that are contributing to lowering the industry’s gender gap.

The full articles can be found on Law360’s website: