4/15/2016: Robert T. Franklin Award Presented for First Time at DRI Seminar

BALTIMORE, MD – Yesterday, April 14, the first Robert T. Franklin Award was presented to Judy Burckhalter of Old Dominion Freight Line at the DRI Trucking Law Seminar in Chicago.  The Award is named in honor of Bob Franklin, co-founder of Franklin & Prokopik (F&P) and founder of the DRI Trucking Law Committee, who passed away in November of 2013.  Throughout his career as an attorney, Bob represented the interests of trucking companies and worked tirelessly to promote and to educate others about the industry.  The Award was created to honor someone that has also dedicated their career to the defense of the trucking industry.  The nominations were judged based on commitment to the trucking industry, education of the industry, and loyalty to the industry, aiming to select an individual who is a true champion of the trucking industry, as was Bob.

Judy Burckhalter, the 2016 Robert T. Franklin Award recipient, has dedicated over 25 years of her life in representing the trucking industry.  She has done so with a unique combination of fierce loyalty, dedication, intelligence, and uncommon grace.  Judy’s life demonstrates a blending of qualities seldom found in a single person.  She has championed the industry in the spirit of Bob Franklin, showing the world that those in the industry are decent and hardworking people, who are fair and compassionate.

“I can tell you from experience that she works with attorneys with the same respect and intelligence, and is a model for all of us as a professional and as a person,” commented Tamara Goorevitz, a principal at F&P who worked closely with Bob Franklin.

The Robert T. Franklin Award will be given by DRI’s Trucking Law Committee at their biannual seminars, which will next occur in 2018.