Meet F&P Workers’ Comp Paralegal Mira Ramahi, Who Just Earned Her U.S, Citizenship!

Paralegal Mira Ramahi, who comes to us from Jordan, is happy and proud to say that she has just earned her United States Citizenship after being here eight years. She fled a country where she, as a woman, had few opportunities in the professional world.  Even though she was an adult, she was required to be under the conservatorship of a male. Marriages are arranged, and women are expected to be instructed on what to do. Mira knew from an early age she wanted to help people but knew that her chances were limited in Jordan. With the strong support of her parents, Mira left her family and sought political asylum here in the United States. Mira arrived with a degree in politics and economics. She worked in various fields before deciding to obtain her paralegal certificate from CCBC.  Mira is now a valued member of the F&P workers’ compensation team. Among Mira’s growing list of accomplishments, she has recently added homeowner to her list. She is a foodie who enjoys the Farmers’ Market on Frederick Road, baking, and Japanese food, but no meat please – Mira is a pescatarian. When not baking, Mira also enjoys hiking, European Soccer, and reading. While she likes traveling and experiencing new places, we are thrilled that  Mira now calls America and F&P her home.

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