Workers' Compensation
Spring 2024

Workforce Boom and Safety – Injury Prevention at a Low Cost

As the country continues to emerge from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, states across the country are seeing an increase in the number of individuals entering the workforce. As more individuals begin to enter the workforce, employers are looking for cost-effective means to prevent workplace injuries and reduce the number of Workers’ Compensation claims. One of the most common issues with an increasing workforce is that safety training can often become overlooked, with initial onboarding consisting of reviewing and signing an acknowledgment of an employee handbook. While initial onboarding may be sufficient in some industries and lines of work, it does not automatically follow that the employer provides continued safety training.

One of the most cost-effective methods of preventing workplace injuries is the employer’s investment into continued workplace and safety training beyond initial onboarding. By investing into continued safety training, not only is the employee educated on new safety policies, but the employee is also given refresher training on current safety policies. Continued work safety training can also assist the employer in a reducing their exposure to claims as the employees are properly trained in their tasks and job duties. Furthermore, continued work safety training allows the employer to create a record of the topics and when a particular employee was trained to potentially show that an injury occurred in the act of safety policy violation.

Written by attorney Patrick A. Short.