2/23/2016: Colin Bell to Sit on Upcoming TLA Webinar Panel

F&P principal Colin Bell will be a panelist during the Transportation Lawyers Association (TLA)’s webinar taking place next Tuesday, March, 1st.  Part of an ongoing Webinar Series, this session will be titled  Stop Thief: Cargo Liability Ramifications for Stolen Loads, Chameleon Characters and Impostors of All Kinds.  

This panel will discuss the panoply of issues that arise from cargo theft, including employee theft, impostors and chameleon carriers. The panel will analyze how these issues impact shippers, carriers and freight intermediaries and provide practical pointers on how to deal with these cases for clients.

The Transportation Lawyers Association is an independent, international bar association whose members assist providers and/or commercial users of logistics and transportation services. TLA is dedicated to keeping its members ahead of the constant changes in all aspects of the specialized legal environment affecting the transportation community, regardless of the particular legal discipline involved.