Bert Randall and Tamara Goorevitz to Speak at Industry Events

On September 18, principal Bert Randall will present “The Grass Isn’t Always Greener: Marijuana at Work” at the Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association (SAPAA) Annual Conference in Philadelphia, PA. This session will focus on the “legal” (or not) ramifications of marijuana use at work. Bert will also cover recent federal and state legislative and regulatory developments as well as focus on policy issues that employers must be concerned with when dealing with marijuana in the workplace.

SAPAA is a non-profit that provides information regarding substance abuse detection, how to meet the changing regulations by offering professional education in drug and alcohol testing, strategic planning, DOT developments, legal issues, and leadership. For more information on the conference, click on the link:

Tamara Goorevitz, a principal with Franklin & Prokopik is slated to speak on Wednesday, September 18 at the Arkansas Trucking Seminar. Tamara will serve as a moderator for the 2:00 pm workshop titled, “Beyond the Basics: Best Practices for Effective Accident Investigation and Early Case Evaluation.” This seminar is for people who are associated with trucking litigation. The three-day event also features networking opportunities, a community service project as well as the educational breakout sessions.

The Arkansas Trucking Seminar is held yearly in Rogers, Arkansas and members of the trucking industry, in the United States and Canada, are welcome to attend. For more information about this event, click on the link

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