7/17/2020: Imoh Akpan to Speak on COVID-Related Legislation

F&P principal, Imoh Akpan, is slated to participate in a webinar on August 5, 2020 titled, “The Calm Before the Storm: A Look at COVID-Related Legislation.” The webinar is hosted by the University of Baltimore School of Law and will address how attorneys, consumers, and business owners can protect themselves from liability resulting from the global pandemic.

To register for this webinar, please click on the link http://law.ubalt.edu/about/news/ub-law-in-focus/the-calm-before-the-storm.cfm.

7/7/2020: Steve Marshall Presents at the 2020 CLM Cyber, Management and Professional Liability Conference

F&P principal, Steve Marshall is co-presenting on “Litigation in Sound Bites: How to Prepare a Case in the New Millennium” today, July 7, at the 2020 CLM Cyber, Management & Professional Liability Conference. The presentation addresses technological challenges in today’s world and the best practice for trial and litigation regarding social media in discovery. Steve will also discuss the use of exhibits during litigation, case theme strategies, evaluating a case early for settlement, and “how to avoid the ‘reptile’ plaintiff.”

The CLM is a member of The Institutes with a membership of about 45,000 professionals in the claims and litigation management industries. For more information, visit The CLM’s website at https://www.theclm.org/.