2/23/2016: Colin Bell to Sit on Upcoming TLA Webinar Panel

F&P principal Colin Bell will be a panelist during the Transportation Lawyers Association (TLA)’s webinar taking place next Tuesday, March, 1st.  Part of an ongoing Webinar Series, this session will be titled  Stop Thief: Cargo Liability Ramifications for Stolen Loads, Chameleon Characters and Impostors of All Kinds.  

This panel will discuss the panoply of issues that arise from cargo theft, including employee theft, impostors and chameleon carriers. The panel will analyze how these issues impact shippers, carriers and freight intermediaries and provide practical pointers on how to deal with these cases for clients.

The Transportation Lawyers Association is an independent, international bar association whose members assist providers and/or commercial users of logistics and transportation services. TLA is dedicated to keeping its members ahead of the constant changes in all aspects of the specialized legal environment affecting the transportation community, regardless of the particular legal discipline involved.

2/17/2016: Bert Randall Shares Insights in Recent Business Insurance Articles

Well-known in the legal industry for his knowledge of National Workers’ Compensation and Employment Law issues and trends, F&P President, Bert Randall is frequently asked to contribute to a variety of publications.  Most recently, he shared insights in two Business Insurance articles.

The article titled “As marijuana laws evolve, New Mexico rethinks paying comp claims” discusses a bill that would not require employers to pay for medical marijuana in workers’ compensation claims.   This would be a similar direction the recent federal court cases have gone, that allowed employers to fire workers for marijuana use.  Though the courts seem to be adopting a rather unified outlook on this topic, Bert Randall points out that “the public policy or the public perception continues to evolve in favor of medical marijuana,” thus employers should not get over confident that court opinions will not shift.
Read the full article http://bit.ly/1TmFXaR

“Opt-out bills put on hold in two states” reviews bills that have been introduced in South Carolina and Tennessee that would enable employers to opt-out of state workers’ comp systems and provide alternative options for injured employees.  Opt-out legislation was predicted to be a hot topic this year in workers’ compensation, but there has been very little movement thus far. Randall chimes in “if (opt-out legislation) isn’t dead, it’s perhaps slowly dying on the vine.”
Read full article http://bit.ly/1PPtrMK

In addition to Workers’ Compensation and Labor & Employment, Bert Randall concentrates his practice in complex matters involving tort liability and business litigation.  He regularly represents companies in state and federal courts, and before state and federal administrative agencies.  Bert works with a variety of industries, including acting as General Counsel to the Maryland Motor Truck Association (MMTA) and Restaurant Association of Maryland (RAM).  He has both been featured as an author and been quoted in a host of legal and industry publications along with serving as a speaker, both regionally and nationally, for numerous organizations.