10/3/2016: Bert Randall Discusses DOL’s “Final Rule” at MMTA Program

F&P principal Bert Randall presented on the Department of Labor’s (DOL) New Overtime Rule at the Maryland Motor Truck Association’s (MMTA) Annual Meeting last week.  The importance of the topic spans across industries, as the DOL’s “Final Rule” on overtime will affect an estimated 4.2 million workers.  Bert’s presentation provided key information including the various changes the rule entails and the steps for employers to take proactively to determine the best course of action in response.  The effective date of the Final Rule is December 1st, 2016.

The meeting took place on September 29th at Turf Valley in Elliott City and was followed by cocktails, a Chairman’s Banquet, awards and entertainment.  Additional topics covered were electronic logging devices, time management best practices, and an update on Maryland’s business climate from Maryland’s Department of Commerce Secretary, Mike Gill.