10/1/2015: F&P’s Randall, Fowler and Stephenson Present Mock Trial at MMTA Conference

Franklin & Prokopik attorneys Bert Randall, Brad Fowler & Andrew Stephenson presented an entertaining mock trial this afternoon at the Maryland Motor Truck Association’s Annual Conference, Boosting Your Business.  The mock trial,”Are you Ready for Court?”, demonstrated what a company might go through in court after an accident. MMTA’s Vice President of Safety Craig Talbott  joined F&P as one of the witnesses, playing the role of state police officer.  Conference attendees then had the opportunity to electronically play the jury.

Maryland Motor Truck Association serves and represents the motor carrier industry in Maryland. Their goal is to strengthen the trucking industry through advocacy, education, regulatory assistance, highway safety initiatives, information services, and business services.  F&P is a proud supporter of the organization, both Stephenson and Randall sit on their Board of Directors and the firm sponsored today’s event.