What’s your favorite thing about working with your clients?

Sharing war stories!  The crazy stuff our clients have had to deal with over the years will amaze you!

What is your favorite aspect about working at F&P?

Hands down, the people. I truly enjoy coming to work every day and talking with clients and colleagues.  For a bunch of lawyers, the people at F&P are a fun and interesting crew.

What do you like to do outside the office?

These days I spend all the time I can with my daughter, who was born last August. It’s so fun watching her grow, learn and discover the world. Before I had her, I enjoyed hiking, live music, reading and checking out local restaurants. I hope to do that stuff again one day but until then I’m having fun with my baby!

What is your favorite food?

Anyone who doesn’t answer pizza to this question is lying to either themselves or you.

What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

In law school I studied abroad in Scotland and had to try the local delicacy, haggis. For those who haven’t had the pleasure, haggis consists of sheep’s organs mixed with onions, oatmeal and seasoning and is traditionally boiled in the stomach of the sheep. It sounds completely disgusting but was actually not too bad!