Tamara Goorevitz to Present at TIA 2019 Capital Ideas Conference and Exhibition

Franklin & Prokopik principal, Tamara Goorevitz, will be presenting at this year’s TIA Capital Ideas Conference & Exhibition which will start today and conclude on April 13.  The event will take place at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort Universal Orlando. Tamara’s session will be held on Thursday, April 11 at 10:45am and she will be speaking on “Lawyers: A Necessary Evil in the Supply Chain or a Blessing!?” The Capital Ideas Conference and Exhibition is geared towards those in the transportation business who wish to expand their 3PL or freight brokerage specialties.

Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) includes more than 1700 members who are part of the third-party logistics community. It provides information and leadership to enhance business practices for the 3PL industry.

For more information regarding the TIA or conference, please visit the website at www.tianet.org.


4/8/2019: Bert Randall and Sarah Lemmert to Speak on Medical Marijuana at Captive Resources

Franklin & Prokopik principal Bert Randall is slated to speak on April 9 for the GCI (General Contractors Insurance, Ltd.) Captive at Captive Resources in St. Louis, MO. The topic will be “The Grass Isn’t Always Greener.” This presentation will focus on the latest developments in compensation remedies and workplace accommodations and drug policies regarding medical marijuana. Counsel Sarah Lemmert will be making the same presentation for NCI (National Contractors Insurance, Ltd.) Captive at Captive Resources in Salt Lake City, UT on April 11.

Captive Resource is an independent consulting firm focused on helping businesses with insurance costs and maximizing efforts to achieve the best safety and loss prevention services. For more information about Captive Resources, please visit the website at https://captiveresources.com/.