11/23/2016: Texas Federal Judge Issues Nationwide Injunction Blocking Department of Labor Overtime Expansion Set for December 1, 2016

Judge Amos L.  Mazzant of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas has issued a nationwide injunction halting a new overtime regulation set to take effect December 1, 2016. The new regulation would have required employers to pay overtime to employees earning salaries of $47,476 per year, doubling the previous threshold of $23,660 set forth in 2004. The injunction temporarily stops implementation of this regulation until the court rules on challenges made to the Department of Labor’s authority to make this regulation as well as the validity of the regulation. The Department of Labor has expressed strong disagreement with the court’s decision and is currently considering its legal options regarding challenging the injunction.

What does this mean for employers?  For now, the overtime rule will not take effect as planned on December 1, 2016 but it could still be implemented at some point in the future. Employers may continue to follow the existing overtime regulations until a final decision is reached.

11/21/2016: F&P Attorney to Be Honored with Bar Association of Baltimore City’s Prestigious Presidential Award

Baltimore, MD, Nov 21, 2016 – Franklin & Prokopik principal Tamara Goorevitz has been selected as the Bar Association of Baltimore City (BABC) Presidential Award recipient.  Tamara will be honored tomorrow, November 22, at BABC’s Annual Past Presidents’ Luncheon, taking place at The Grand in downtown Baltimore.

The Presidential Awards are presented to BABC members who have devoted time and energy to the Association through substantial work on BABC committees and exemplary service to the Association and the community.

Ms. Goorevitz has been a longtime member of BABC.  As a member of the Association, she has served on the Executive Council and has also served in the following roles:  Co-Chair of the Bench-Bar Committee for four years; Co-Chair of the Membership Committee for two years; Chair and Co-Chair of the Professional Ethics Committee for one year each.  Ms. Goorevitz has also been an active participant and member of several other BABC committees including the Judicial Selections, Nominating, Diversity, and Personal Injury Committees.

“We at F&P are tremendously proud of Tamara for receiving this award. She has an incredible commitment not only to our firm, but her clients and the legal community as a whole. She is always eager to help others, even when she has so many of her own commitments to manage,” said F&P President Bert Randall.

Ms. Goorevitz currently practices civil litigation with a focus on general liability defense including trucking and transportation, retail, premises liability, products liability, motor tort, and employment law.  She received her BS in Political Science from James Madison University in 1995, and her JD from the University of Baltimore School of Law in 1998.


Headquartered in Baltimore City, Franklin & Prokopik is a regional law firm comprised of over 60 experienced attorneys meeting clients’ needs through our six offices which serve all areas of Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., Delaware, and West Virginia.  Our mission of providing the highest quality personal service enables us to grow, as we attract and develop other likeminded attorneys to serve our clients.  Franklin & Prokopik represents corporate and business entities of all sizes, from small “mom and pops” to Fortune 500 companies across a wide range of industries.


Janessa Shaikun, Director of Marketing

11/7/2016: Social Media Evidence Plays a Critical Role in F&P Trial Victory

Last Wednesday, November 2, F&P associate Mike Bennett won a defense verdict in a jury trial in the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County, MD.  The claimant had filed an appeal of a September, 2015 decision from the Workers’ Compensation Commission which found he had achieved Maximum Medical Improvement and denied his request for treatment and ongoing Temporary Total Disability benefits.

The claimant was involved in a motor vehicle accident in July, 2014 and sustained minor injuries as a result, including strains/sprains of his back, neck, and shoulder.  Following the accident, he received conservative treatment, including one injection in the left shoulder, as well as a course of physical therapy and work hardening sessions.  Although the medical records in this matter demonstrated rather innocuous injuries, conducting litigation in Prince George’s County can be a risky endeavor from an Employer and Insurer’s perspective as it is notoriously one of the most liberal jury pools in this State.

Despite his claim that he presently could not work due to the accident, the medical records alone did not support the claimant’s physical complaints as he had only seen a doctor one time since June, 2015.  While surveillance efforts did not produce any fruitful results, the Claimant’s Facebook page turned out to be an invaluable source.  He had posted pictures of himself doing landscaping work, roller skating, and riding a bike, along with a video of himself on a hoverboard, and, better yet – both pictures and videos of himself promoting his work for selling and installing carpet.  The Facebook photographs and videos were instrumental in convincing the jury that the claimant was not only capable of working, he had already returned to work.  This is a classic example of the growing role technology and social media is playing in litigation and the direct impact it can have on the outcome of a case.

11/1/2016: Ami Dwyer Named Vice Chair of USLAW NETWORK B.O.D.

At USLAW NETWORK’s annual meeting in Colorado Springs, the USLAW Board of Directors and Board of Directors’ Executive Committee were announced.  Franklin & Prokopik principal, Ami C. Dwyer of the firm’s Baltimore office and a member of the USLAW Executive Committee, was named Vice Chair.  Ami is very active in USLAW; she has served on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee for several years and is a past chair of both the Construction Law Committee and the Women’s Collection.  F&P is extremely pleased and proud that Ami has been honored with this new Vice Chair role.

USLAW is an international organization composed of nearly 100 independent, full practice firms with roots in civil litigation, including more than 6,000 attorneys covering the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. USLAW is comprised of highly rated law firms that are part of the NETWORK by invitation only. Member firms undergo a rigorous review process to insure outstanding quality of lawyers throughout the USLAW NETWORK. USLAW firms are experienced in commercial and business law, employment and labor law, litigation and other business-related areas of law. All firms have substantial trial experience. USLAW member firms provide legal representation to major corporations, insurance companies, and large and small businesses alike.